Big News

CF900 POWER CAPACITOR won't be manufactured for the time being.Confuse Audio group will update the product information continuously.

Car Sound Proof UPGRADE

【Car Sound Proof UPGRADE】 " New "Confuse Audio Car Sound Proof Damping Mat is developed, manufactured and tested at our company. …

1.5mm² Speaker Cable

What you need to know!1.5mm² Speaker Cable is coming soon,which is going to be built from nice SPC wire with PE insulation. Are you ready !?

Speaker Cable Is Coming Soon !

We persistently and constantly research and develop new wire products different from others in the market which allows car owners to enjoy the Hi-end …

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Cables in 2018 !

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Cables in 2018 !  All kinds of deluxe power cables with special design!! 0 AWG …